State of Harmony Farm

We are a family run farm here in Sanford. We grow many varieties of season produce, herbs, and also raise over 40 egg laying pastures chickens... meat chickens, turkeys, and pigs. We are not certified organic but use the same principles. No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMO's. Check us out on Facebook too. State of Harmony Farm. You can find us at the Sanford Farmers Market on Saturdays. Just look for the yellow sign with the black rooster.

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4 07-927-1806

[email protected]

Orange Blvd., Sanford, Fl

28.828004, -81.326636

28° 49′ 41″ N, 28° 49′ 41″ N


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Hours of Operation

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 9:30 am ~ 1:30 pm


Available Now
Feb 1st ~ Dec 1st
Blueberries ORGANIC
Available in 22 days
Apr 1st ~ Jun 1st
C.S.A. Shares (Box of Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs) ORGANIC
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 1st
Cage Free Organic Fed Farm Fresh Eggs ORGANIC
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 2nd
Lettuce  ORGANIC
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Apr 1st
Pastured Pork ORGANIC
Available in 2 months
May 1st ~ Dec 1st
Pastured chicken ORGANIC
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 2nd
Pastured turkey ORGANIC
Available in 6 months
Sep 1st ~ Nov 1st
Tomatoes ORGANIC
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 1st