Prospect Hill Orchards-Peaches

Prospect Hill Orchards is a family owned and operated farm. It has been in the Clarke family for almost 200 years! We retail our fruits through our Pick Your Own and in NYC's Greenmarkets. Visit in early July when apricots are ripe for the picking. By mid-July, plums are ready. Mid-July and all of August brings ripe peaches and nectarines. We grow many variety of peaches including flat,donut peaches, white peaches and traditional yellow peaches. We also have yellow and white nectarines.

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[email protected]

340-360 Milton Turnpike, Milton, Ny, 12547

41.666552, -73.996808

41° 39′ 60″ N, 41° 39′ 60″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm


Donut peaches 2 / lb.
Donut peaches ripen near the middle to end of July. We grow three types: white donuts which are very sweet, Mango donuts which are yellow-orange in color and taste like mangoes and Limey donuts which are greenish-yellow in color and less sweet but definately delicious!
Available in 5 months
Aug 1st ~ Aug 9th
Homemade Jams & Jellies
We make all our own jams using our own fruits and berries! We make low sugar jams and several flavors of sugarfree jams.
Available in 4 months
Jul 7th ~ Aug 26th
Italian Prunes
These prunes are among the last to ripen oon our farm. They are ready about the first weekend in August and last a couple of weeks.
Available in 5 months
Aug 8th ~ Aug 16th
Nectarines 1.5 / lb.
Nectarines ripen a little later than our earliest peaches. We grow both yellow and white nectarines.
Available in 5 months
Aug 1st ~ Aug 30th
Peaches 1.75 / lb.
We are famous for our delicious tree ripened peaches. We grow donut peaches in three varieties,and yellow and white peaches.
Available in 4 months
Jul 14th ~ Aug 30th
Plums 2 / lb.
We grow both Japanese type plums and the European blue plums. The round Japanese type ripen first in mid-July, followed by the blue oblong plums in early August. All plums have tart skin with sweet flesh which is a delectable sweet-sour combination.
Available in 4 months
Jul 14th ~ Aug 16th
apricots 2 / lb.
Tree ripened apricots are the best! Apricot season lasts only about two weeks, so don't wait.
Available in 4 months
Jun 30th ~ Jul 8th