Lage Farms, LLC

Lage Farms, LLC is located in the beautiful Ozarks, overlooking the Osage River, five miles south of Jefferson City, Missouri. Our entire farm operation is devoted to raising the tastiest, healthiest beef possible. Wagyu cattle, (often known as Kobe) are renowned for their ability to produce well marbled, tasty and tender beef. In addition to the best animal genetics, humane care and wholesome grasses, legumes and stored forage is necessary to produce the tastiest and healthiest beef. We sell meat cuts and portions (halves and wholes). The animals are butchered at a government inspected facility.

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We would appreciate a call before your farm visit. We are generally flexible as to hours if we have advance notice.

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[email protected]

8001 Bode Ferry Rd, Jefferson City, Mo, 65101-8372

38.466946, -92.09178

38° 28′ 1″ N, 38° 28′ 1″ N


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Hours of Operation

Monday 1:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

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Grass fed and finished naturally raised Wagyu/Kobe beef. We feed no antibiotics, growth hormones, or grain. Our non-frost-free freezers generally contain a good supply of steaks, ground beef, briskets, roasts, short ribs, organ meats, tallow, and other cuts. We prefer you call us for farm visits. We take orders for halves and whole animals on a first come-first served basis. We will notify you of expected delivery date.
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