Kelumac Christmas Tree farm Bed and Breakfast

This Bed and Breakfast located on a 23 acre Christmas Tree Farm in the country! Established in 1988 and started selling trees in 1991. We have approximately 3000 trees in the field at this time and containerized Living Christmas Trees. We have precut Frasier Fir Trees from North Carolina for the Christmas Season each year. We aso have Seasonal Vegetables, berries and fruit which are available at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market located at the Brazos County Health Department off of Texas Avenue Bryan Tx. At this time we do not sell vegetables at the farm

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Our Trees are ready for 2015 Christmas Season. Hours of Operation are for Christmas Tree Sales only. Open the Day after Thanksgiving and closed the week before Christmas. Check our website for updated hours of operation

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[email protected]

10379 Taylor Road, Bryan, Tx, 77808

30.797369, -96.488049

30° 47′ 51″ N, 30° 47′ 51″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00 am ~ 5:30 pm
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 1:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm
Friday 1:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 5:30 pm

* see Notes above


Arizona Cypress Blue Ice Christmas Trees
Blue Ice Arizona Cypress is low-maintenance tree and planted primarily for its screening and privacy uses, but it’s becoming popular as a Christmas Tree in Texas. Its widely recognizable for its elegant, blue-green foliage that appears to have that lightly “snowed-on” look. It’s an eye-catcher in any landscape. It functions similarly to the Leyland and Murray cypress, and the Arizona Cypress “Blue Ice” also omits a wonderful fragrance
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th
Christmas Trees
Sand Pine Christmas Trees needles have the soft textured needles similar of White Pine deedles
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 13th
Leyland Cypress Christmas Trees
The Leyland Cypress is the most popular Christmas tree in the South-East, the Leyland Cypress is dark green in color and has very little aroma. Because it is not in the Pine or Fir family, it does not produce sap, so that those with an allergy to sap can still enjoy a Leyland as their Christmas Tree
Available in 9 months
Nov 27th ~ Dec 13th
Leyland Cypress Christmas Trees
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th
Pecans 11 / lb.
Fresh Mammoth Halves 2015 Crop
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th
Virginia Pine
The Virginia Pine is the main Christmas Tree grown on Texas farms. Makes a excellent Christmas Tree for your home, a business or church. Branches are sturdy and hold heavier ornaments. The Virginia pine's needles occur in pairs. They are twisted and range from 1.5 to 3" in length. They are relatively short when compared to those of other pines. Loblolly needles, by comparison, are from 4 to 9" long. Individual needle clusters can remain for 3 or 4 years. They are then shed and replaced with new needles as the branches grow in length.
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th
locally made jams pickles,maple syrup
Blackberry Jelly from berries picked on our farm. We also have Spicy Bread and Butter pickles.
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th
wreaths 26.5 each
Fraser Fir Wreaths
Available in 8 months
Nov 23rd ~ Dec 15th