Kalon Farm is an integrated small farm that raises and sells grass fed Beef, Lamb and Pork. We have cage-free fresh eggs, seasonal garden vegetables and berries. We use all natural antibiotic-free feed for chickens and Pigs. Our Cattle&Sheep are Grass based and fed hay/grass (No Grain) We avoid the use of any type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide on our gardens and pastures. We rely on crop rotation, on-site composting, cover cropping and rotational grazing to build soil health. We do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics , heritage breed cattle & Sheep have a natural resistance to many of the problems large feed lot animals have. Supplements are provided free choice , Salt , Minerals , Kelp

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Weekends until Veggie season or by apt

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[email protected]

28 Corey Hill Road, Ashburnham, Ma, 01430

42.63388, -71.925237

42° 38′ 2″ N, 42° 38′ 2″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

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Beef 4.5 / lb.
Grass Fed Ground Beef
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 28th
Chicken 3.75 / lb.
Pature Raised Broilers
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 28th
Eggs 3.75 / dozen
Free Range Eggs
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 28th
Lamb 9 / lb.
Grass Fed Lamb Sausage
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 28th
Pork 5.75 / lb.
Pasture Raised Pork Sausage Links
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 28th