Hill Berry Acres

We believe strongly in working with nature to produce a safe healthy food for consumers. Reduced reliance on chemicals was a strong motivator in selecting the U of S developed cherries. Their main orchard is in grassland. Rows were planted in cultivated strips inside an eight foot high deer fence. They are utilizing water in a trickle irrigation system under plastic mulch that is environmentally friendly in that it uses a minimal amount of water with reduced evaporation. "The U of S cherries benefit from added water in the first three years of establishment" and is an option beyond that phase in their orchards. We are currently constructing a food safe processing/freezing facility. We cannot ship until it is complete and inspected.

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We are generally available at all times by appointment. Please phone ahead as we attend a lot of meetings promoting the Cherry industry.

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Sunday 8:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
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Tart Cherries 4 / lb.
These U of S Cherries are our main crop. The dark red cherries form on shrubs, not trees, and the intense flavour and colour set them well above other cooking cherries available. People from Europe and parts of Asia are very familiar with the high quality cherries. We will primarily dehydrate them and seal them in various sizes. We also have bulk frozen mechanically pitted cherries available. No additives.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 1st