Cricket Creek Farm

Cricket Creek Farm is a small dairy farm in Western Massachusetts. Our Farm Store is open 7 days a week. We produce a variety of artisanal cheeses from the milk of our Brown Swiss and Jersey cows. We also sell raw milk, pastured pork, grass-fed beef, and have a full selection of bread and other baked goods from our on-farm bakery. We welcome visitors to the farm. Visitors are encouraged to walk around, visit the various animals, watch milking and cheese making, and enjoy the experience of a working farm. In addition to our Farm Store we offer a year-round CSA and accept new members at any time. Our CSA consists of milk, eggs, cheese, butter, bread and meat. You can sign-up for all, or mix and match.

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(413) 458-5888

[email protected]

1255 Oblong Rd., Williamstown, Ma, 01267

42.665755, -73.266112

42° 39′ 57″ N, 42° 39′ 57″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Monday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am ~ 7:00 pm


Our beef is 100% grass fed. Animals graze on pasture during the spring, summer and fall, and are fed hay during the winter. We offer ground beef and a variety of cuts as well as several types of beef sausage, including kielbasa. Our beef is Animal Welfare Approved.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Cheese (Milk)
We offer several pasteurized cheeses produced form the milk of our Brown Swiss and Jersey cows. These include Berkshire Bloom, a Camembert-style bloomy rind cheese, Cricket Creek Fresh, a soft spreadable cheese that comes in five different flavors, and feta.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Cheese (Raw Milk)
We make two varieties of raw milk cheeses. Maggie's Round is our award winning cheese in the style of an Italian Tome. The consistency is similar to a young cheddar. Maggie's won a blue ribbon at the 2011 American Cheese Society competition. Tobasi is modeled on the classic Tallegio. It is a wash rind cheese with a soft buttery consistency and a unique flavor.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Cheesemaking Classes
We offer cheesemaking classes throughout the year. PLease contact us or check our website for a current schedule. Classes include more advanced offerings for adults, as well as a child-focused version.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Free Range Eggs 4.5 / dozen
We sell free range eggs from our own flock of chickens, and also offer eggs from other local farms.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Our pork is pasture-rasied, grazing throughout the summer months. The pigs are also fed the whey from the cheese making, as well as veggie compost from the local food co-op. Our pork is Animal Welfare Approved.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Raw Milk 7 / gallon
We are certified in the state of Massachusetts to sell Raw Milk. We offer half-gallons in glass, and gallons and half-gallons in plastic.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st