Creswick Farms

From Greener Pastures Comes Better Food. Creswick Farms Producing Salad Bar Beef & Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Fresh Squeezed Brown Eggs, Sausages and Smoked Foods (Including Nitrite Free Bacon) that is: More nutritious - Lower fat and higher vitamin/mineral contents. Chemical free - Our animals thrive without antibiotics, hormones, and systemic biocides. More environmentally friendly - Patronize an agriculture that heals and regenerates, thriving on diversity, resource regeneration and lower petroleum use. More humane - Animals enjoy fresh air , sunshine, exercise and fresh green grass. Pigs root and wallow, while cows and chickens graze. Just as nature intended! More customer friendly - Patrons enjoy a relationship with the farmer and a link to the land. We build bridges to nutritious food and healthier living.

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[email protected]

6500 Rollenhagen Rd, Ravenna, Mi, 49451

43.133688, -85.997372

43° 8′ 1″ N, 43° 8′ 1″ N


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Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 12:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
Friday 12:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 3:00 pm


Made with Sea Salt and Turbanado Sugar. No added Nitrites, Nitrates or Polyproplyene Glycol! The best! We make our own bacon, not made for us by others!
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Free Range Eggs
Eggs, Large Brown, Free Range, Soy Free/Non-GMO feed, Organic supplements
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Grass Fed Beef
Raised on fresh air and sunshine and without grains, antibiotics and growth stimulants our grass-fed beef is allowed to live low stress lives. You’ll find our beef to be delightfully complex in flavor that the health conscious and foodies both love and adore!
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Our own country smoked ham. Nitrite free, just warm and serve. Eat in confidence knowing you are serving a ham that was not only treated humanly, but is also not filled chemicals of dubious origin!
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Plain Beef Jerky has been cured in salt brine followed with slow heat. Coarse Black Pepper is a added dimension to our palette of flavor. No nitrates and no flavor additives are used, allowing the natural grass-fed beef flavor to shine through!
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
What baaaaaad can be said about them? Sorry, we couldn’t resist a pun. We love our Lamb and you will too! One taste and you are hooked! The care and attention that we give to our grass-fed Lamb shows through to your palate.
Available in 2 months
Apr 15th ~ Nov 30th
Pastured Chicken
Birds so fresh you’ll have to slap them! With our small family farm and limited production you are assured of chicken that is raised in harmony with nature and that tastes so good, each bite is a memorable experience.
Available in 2 months
May 1st ~ Dec 31st
Pastured Pork
Sweet Swine O'Mine Pastured Pork These guys are the entertainers of the farm. We allow them to express their individuality and definitely their piggishness! Whether it is wallowing in the mud or rooting through a compost pile, their low stress life shows in the quality of the pork cuts, sausages and bacons we offer.
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
A Creswick Farms sausage combines years of culinary experience ingredients at their seasonal best and original spice blends all in a natural casing. We combine our finest quality meat with chunks of chopped fruits and vegetables flavor them with the freshest herbs lively spices and fire them in specially designed smokehouses
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Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st
Smoked Meats
The ultimate in bone-sucking deliciousness! Our "Sweet Swine O'Mine" BBQ Baby-back ribs. Seasoned with our own seasonings and basted with our own handcrafted BBQ sauce!
Available Now
Jan 1st ~ Dec 31st