Burr Oak Farm LLC

Burr Oak Farm is located in beautiful scenic Madison County, Iowa. We are in an area of rolling wooded hills and have natural stands of burr oak, shagbark hickory and others. We have about 800 trees in various stages of growth. It is not in blocks of same kind of trees. Rather, the trees are interspresed with each other so that in a row will be some apples and peaches and pears, etc. There is a flock of free range chickens that patrol the orchard on the lookout grubs, bugs, and other tree pests. They are very good about supplying us with wonderful eggs to sell. Teddybear and Princess are usually on patrol somewhere about the farm and work hard to keep racoon numbers down. The cats are most likely waiting in a sunny spot for a handout or to try to get in the house. We love the large variety of birds and butterflies that are part of our farm. Our staff is small, just the 2 of us and some part-timers so PLEASE call before coming so that someone is available to assist you.

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[email protected]

1121 220Th Street, Winterset, Ia, 50273

41.331451, -94.218954

41° 19′ 53″ N, 41° 19′ 53″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 1:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Monday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Wednesday 1:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm


Pears 7 / bag
We have Bartlett, Moonglo, and Kiefer pears that produce although we are waiting for our Asian pears to start production. All are yellow skined when ripe. Some varieties have skin russeting which is natural.
Available in 6 months
Aug 26th ~ Sep 30th