BelleWood Acres

Come Visit the Farm! BelleWood Acres, your Honeycrsip headquarters, is home to 24,000 apple trees. We grow a variety of apples, pears, pumpkins, decorative corn and gourds. Come and sample our fruit, fresh cider, honey-roasted peanut butter and dried apple chips. Tour the orchard, visit the packing line, watch cider being pressed and pies being made. Visit the farm store for that perfect holiday decoration and gift. We are “Food Alliance “ and “Salmon Safe” certified.

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We are everything "Fall"! BelleWood Acres is open daily Sept. 1st through Dec. 31st. Come visit the farm!

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[email protected]

231 Ten Mile Rd., Lynden, Wa, 98264

48.86957, -122.479019

48° 52′ 10″ N, 48° 52′ 10″ N


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Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Monday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm

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Apple Cider
We have fresh pressed apple cider,pressed right on the farm. We grow 16 variety of apples which helps us produce three ciders throughout the season. Our "Early Blend" ( Gravenstein, Sansa and Zestar apples), our "Honeycrisp Cider" (100% Honeycrisp apples) and our "Jonagold Blend" ( JOnagolds and our other mid and late season apples). Our cider is UV protected so it is safe for the whole family. Come watch it being pressed! Our cider is usually ready by the third week in September. We are a Salmon Safe and Food Alliance Certified Farm.
Available in 7 months
Sep 15th ~ Dec 31st
We grow 16 varieties of apples at BelleWood Acres. Our early varieties include Gravenstein, Zestar, Sansa, and Sunrise. Our mid season varieties include Tsugaru, Honeycrisp,Jonagold, McIntosh, Jonamac, Gala and Golden Supreme. Our late varieties include Fuji, Orin, Sonata, Boskoop and Idared. No matter what day, you will find a variety of apples to taste and compare. You are also invited to tour the farm to watch the apples being picked, washed and sorted. You can also visit the bakery and cider line. We are a Salmon Safe and Food Alliance Certified farm.
Available in 6 months
Sep 1st ~ Dec 31st
Come and visit our "House of Gourds". We grow many to choose from. Check out our pictures.
Available in 7 months
Oct 1st ~ Nov 30th
Indian Corn
It is not Fall with out Indian Corn. Decorate your porch or table top. Take home corn stalks or just the corn. It comes in all the beautiful fall colors.
Available in 7 months
Oct 1st ~ Nov 30th
Jams & Jellies
BelleWood Acres carries several lines of jams and jellies, apple and pumpkin butter, fruit spreads, and honey. Some made for us and some from other Whatcom County farms. We introduced our own Apple Cider Syrup made from a blend of apples and then slowly cooked down for that pure apple cider flavor intensified seven times over. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is also created from a blend of apples, capturing all the natural flavor in this wonderfully crisp, lively apple cider vinegar. Come taste the difference right from the farm!
Available in 6 months
Sep 1st ~ Dec 31st
We grow three varieties of pears for your palate's delight. Come and taste our early red pear, ready for you as the season begins. Our Comice and the Bosc follow with special flavors just their own. Combine any of our pears with one of our specialty cheeses for a true tasting experience. You must come hungry when you come to the farm! We are a Salmon Safe and Food Alliance certified farm.
Available in 7 months
Sep 15th ~ Dec 31st
Our pumpkin patch is growing for you! We grow several varieties of pumpkins from traditional jack-o-lanterns, to white spookey ones, striped ones, or the Knuckleheads that are all bumpy and lumpy! We grow big ones and little ones, orange ones and striped ones. Take a walk out to the pumpkin patch and choose the one that is right for you! We also sell Sugar Pie Pumpkins, perfects for your pumpkin pie.
Available in 7 months
Oct 1st ~ Dec 31st
Squash (Winter)
Fall is the time for Squash in all its glory. We grow several varieties including Spaghetti, Butternut, Sweetmeat, and Hubbard. Need a little help with a recipe? We will be glad to share how to best cook and preserve them.
Available in 7 months
Sep 15th ~ Dec 31st