Nature Delivered Farm

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Address Nature Delivered Farm
Nature Delivered Farm
10252 Sr 39
Lithia, FL
33547, United States
N 28° 33.3832
W 82° 24.8879
[email protected]
Our Duroc sired and Southern Cross pigs live their entire lives outside exploring their natural environment in stable family groups. They get to run and play as pigs - and eat grass, ferns, trees, bugs, dirt... whatever strikes their fancy. There's no antibiotics or hormones given to our little darlings either. This lifestyle greatly enhances the flavor of our pork which is served in some of the best restaurants in the Tampa/Sarasota area (including the James Beard Award nominated Refinery).
Our pigs are humanely raised and treated with respect. Other farmers refer to our place as "The Pig Spa" due to our pig centered approach to farming. But, we believe that happy pigs make the tastiest pork.

Product Description Price Harvest Availability Stay in touch
Pork ( Organic ) We offer Pre-Sales through our Cust... $7.00 / lb. Jun. 5 ~ Dec. 10 Season starts in 5 months

Please check with Rick's Custom Meats ( for our Porky Goodness. He is taking delivery of another Nature Delivered Pig in September 2014.
Pizzeria Gregario's in Safety Harbor, FL also just took delivery of another pig. He makes all of the sausage for his creations from our pigs in true "Snout to Tail" fashion. Chef Greg Seymour wastes nothing & makes the most amazing pizza!
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

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...ever seen a farmer blush? We are so proud of our humble pigs. Here's what had to say about our pork that was served for a farm to fork event with Joel Salatin.

"Now this course simply swept my feet away. A Vietnamese style porchetta with chile-cinnamon butternut squash, lemongrass-salt, pepper peaches, and coriander fingerling salad. Greg Baker from The Refinery presented this dish…man I have never tasted pork so tender and so packed with flavor with what appeared to be simple. By looking at it you just cannot grasp how great this course was. I cannot even give it justice in words, I just hope I can someday experience this dish again."
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Our Herd Sire is a Registered Duroc that we call "Little Man" I promise, there was a time when he was actually a small pig.
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...and sometimes our piggies make a big wallow out of our driveway. But, we don't mind.
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This is what a chestnut hangover looks like.
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Hulga... Miss Climb Right Out of the Fence. :)
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