Lake Meadow Naturals, LLC

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Address Lake Meadow Naturals, LLC
Lake Meadow Naturals, LLC
10000 Mark Adam Road
Ocoee, FL
34761, United States
N 28° 35.9666
W 81° 31.5665
[email protected]
Local cage free poultry, egg,Broilers, grass fed beef, berkshire pork, Lamb. Live freedom red rangers and white rocks available in addition to usda processed. Our farm market is open Thursday & Friday 10 am to 5 pm. Closed Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesday
Saturdays from 9 am to 5:00 pm and Mondays 10 Pm to 5 pm.Thursday and Friday from 1PM to 5 PM. we also carry locally produced grass fed milk, half and half and cream at our farm market plus our produce that is in season and fruit that is in season. we also sell live laying hens as we get new pullets grown to come into production. This is a working farm and only open to the public as noted

Product Description Price Harvest Availability Stay in touch
Assorted Vegetables n/a Jan. 1 ~ Jun. 15 Season starts in 3 weeks
Beef n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 29 Available now !!
Chevon (young Goat) n/a Jan. 1 ~ Jul. 29 Season starts in 3 weeks
Chicken All natural vegeterian fed young wh... $3.49 / lb. Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Chicken Stewing Hens are the hens that lay ... $2.95 / lb. Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Cornish Game Hens all vegeterian fed Cornish Game hen... $6.50 each Jan. 2 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Duck Pekin Duck vegeterian fed $4.95 / lb. Apr. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Eggs (chicken) Cage free chicken eggs
Super Ju...
$3.65 / dozen Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Eggs (duck) Cage free duck eggs

Jumbo ...
$12.00 / dozen Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Eggs (duck) Hatching Duck eggs, Adult ducks are... $2.50 each Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Eggs (goose) ( Organic ) $9.95 each Jan. 15 ~ May. 1 Season starts in 1 month
Eggs (quail) 15 pack quail eggs $3.49 / package Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Farm Raised Turkeys ( Organic ) n/a Sep. 29 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Free Range Eggs ( Organic ) Pick your own u pick Saturday morni... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Honey (orange Blossom) n/a Mar. 1 ~ Nov. 29 Season starts in 2 months
Honey (wild Flower) n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Pork Berkshire Heritage Pork, Live or us... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

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Cage Free Chicken eggs. Florida poultry farm producing cage free chicken and duck eggs, broilers, stewing hens,guiena hens and ducks seasonally. herb gardens and hydroponics.grass fed beef seasonally, grass fed goat, berkshire pigs. All humanely raised, no animal by products fed, all vegeterian diet.
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Broiler chickens growing
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Flock of Barred Plymouth Rock hatching eggs
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Outstanding in the field dinner
hosted on farm in pasture with chickens and ducks
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Rhode Island Red cage free chickens
these are our main egg producing birds
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Left to right
Branden Kunkel farm mager
Shalamar Summers Market Manager & grounds manager
Dale Volkert farmer/owner
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Just hatched chicks
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Guiena hens and Cattle resting enjoying life under a beautiful tree on the farm
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They all get along
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Farm Store Freezer
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Vegeterian Fed chickens
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New Cage Free chicken house made from 85% recycled materials
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Happy Hens at Lake Meadows
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Roberta & Roger raise our lambs
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Outstanding in the field dinner jan 2013
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Chef Melissa Kelly does Outstanding in the field dinner
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grading eggs at Lake Meadows

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