Healthy Harvest CSA

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Healthy Harvest CSA
180 Carpenter Road
Stormville, NEW YORK
12582, United States
N 41° 34.3384
W 73° 46.5229
[email protected]
Our farm is a CSA ; Community Supported Agriculture project in cooperation with the Johnson Family that owns the property . It is a third generation black family farm that had run down due to a lack of farm support from the remaining family members . With the reinvigorated participation of the CSA members and the support of the local community and government , the farm is looking better every year . With sheep grazing , chickens clucking , and the manicured yards and fields looking trim and green , it is obvious that there is a lot of farm activity back at 180 Carpenter Road . Each year we try to add more options for the CSA experience . There is a jungle gym for the kids to use while their parents are picking up the produce . There is a pond with a canoe and row boat for use by our CSA members and fishing allowed . We try to have monthly picnics during the summer and there is always an end of season bonfire and party with the annual pumpkin contest from our plots . 845-226-8877

Product Description Price Harvest Availability Stay in touch
All Variety Of Vegetables ( Organic ) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!
At Times A Variety Of Herbs ( Organic ) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!
C.s.a. Shares (box Of Vegetables, Fruit And Herbs) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!
Cage Free Organic Fed Farm Fresh Eggs ( Organic ) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!
Hay- Alfalfa, Timothy & Orchard Grass n/a May. 20 ~ Nov. 1 Available now !!
Pumpkins ( Organic ) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!
Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries ( Organic ) n/a Jun. 1 ~ Oct. 31 Available now !!

Thursdays are our distribution days for share members . The farm is open to the public on weekdays with an appointment needed for weekend visits .
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

4:00 pm ~ 6:30 pm

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