Afton Field Farm

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Address Afton Field Farm
Afton Field Farm
3375 Sw 53rd Street
Corvallis, OR
97333, United States
N 44° 31.8394
W 123° 18.7255
[email protected]
Afton Field Farm is a pasture-based, multi-generational family farm in Corvallis, Oregon owned by Tyler & Alicia Jones. Tyler is a protege of Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in Virginia. We use multi-species, managed intensive rotational grazing methods similar to Polyface Farm to produce our wonderful products.

We are committed to challenge the raising of food in ways that are respectful to the soil, animals, local community and the natural ecosystems we inhabit in an ongoing effort to be reverent participants in the grace that is our land and lives. Acknowledging the delicately interconnected nature of food systems, we strive to minimize negative agricultural impact on land and health through integrated rotational grazing and foraging methods, organic and humane practices and focus on local markets.

Keep up-to-date with what is happening at the farm by checking out our blog at highheelsinthebarnyard{dot}wordpress{dot}com

Product Description Price Harvest Availability Stay in touch
Beef Our cattle are raise on pasture and... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Beeswax Candles (handmade By Farmer) These candles are the perfect holid... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Eggs Our laying ladies get to roam on pa... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Naturally Raised Lamb We raise Katahdin hair sheep. They... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Pastured Chicken After the chicks 3 week-stay in the... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Pastured Pork Rooting around in our oak grove, fo... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Pastured Turkey Our turkeys gobble around and are f... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!
Raw Bottled Honey Our bees get the royal treatment an... n/a Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31 Available now !!

Saturdays we are open by appointment. Please email or call before Saturday to arrange a time to come by.

We are at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers' Market April-November 9am-1pm.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

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Owners, Tyler & Alicia Jones, with Tyler's mentor, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. Tyler apprenticed at Polyface Farm from 2002-2003. We, at Afton Field Farm, now use the same principles, ethics, and strategies in raising & producing our pasture, animals, and products.
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A lunch spread during one of our many farm events.
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Joan, munching on some pasture.
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Playing with your food is encouraged- especially if it's fried chicken feet!
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Tyler's love for farming started very early in life. He joined the local 4-H and started raising bees at the age of 9.
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Our broiler chickens are raised on pasture.
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After the first 3 weeks of their lives, the broilers are moved out to pasture for the last 4 weeks of their life. They are raised in bottomless shelters, exactly like the ones at Polyface Farm in Virginia, and are moved every morning to a fresh piece of the pasture.
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Mama Dorcas and her brand new calf.
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Little twin lambs.
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Our sheep herd relaxing in the orchard.
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We raise our turkeys on pasture with the broiler chickens & layer chickens. We have them available fresh for Thanksgiving and frozen year-round while supplies last.
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Some of our layers, helping us in the garden during the winter by keeping the weeds down, fertilizing, and aerating the ground.

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