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Why is the setting up the farm so complicated ??

Since you may be new, when you take your first look at the farm edit page - it's complex. Because it's new. You need to take your time and learn how to enter all of your information. You can always contact me for help.

Please try to think of it like this:
Every piece of information in the forms are vitally important. When you provide this information Farmer Maps will display it correctly & also allow for automatic processes to take place that establish the connections your farm will make with many, many consumers.

It's complex at first, but there is a reward that pays off for you. In other words, what is difficult will get you the most in return.
How do I fix my Map ??

The marker on the map needs to be right on your farm's entrance. This marker is used to provide accurate directions for consumers. You need this marker to be accurate because consumers depend on you for these directions.

You need to fine-tune your marker because the initial spot on the map is only accurate to your postal or zip code. The initial spot is very approximate.

The best way to drag and drop your marker on your farm's entrance is to play with the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" buttons.

You should zoom out enough so you can locate your farm. Then drag & drop the marker as close as you can get to your farm. Then zoom in a few times until you can see your farm's entrance. Keep dragging and dropping until you have your marker where it should be - on the road right at your farm's entrance.

In some cases, Google's satellite imagery isn't very good for some farms. Be as accurate as you can.
Why are directions to my farm wrong ??

Directions are based on two points on the map. Your farm's entrance (where you have set your farm's marker) and the consumers point on the map which is always approximate.

When a user comes to Farmer Maps, their approximate location is determined. Member's locations are more accurate because they enter a postal / zip code - but this is still approximate.

When someone visits your farm's public profile, directions are based on their approximate location. So directions to your farm depends on who is looking at your farm's public profile.

Directions are automatically determined by Google Maps. Farmer Maps can not affect the directions provided.
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